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Hi! I'm Charlotte.

Strategic Communications Specialist. Digital Marketing Consultant. Content Creator
& Social Media Manager.
Brand Storyteller.

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I’m a detail-oriented, self-motivated, go-getter with a passion for storytelling, marketing, strategic communications, and creative problem-solving. With my proven success in the Communications and Marketing fields, supported by a comprehensive education from the University of Michigan, I'm confident I can be a valuable addition to your team!


As the Marketing Manager for The Scoville Foley Team of Signature Homes Real Estate Group, I spearhead multi-channel marketing campaigns for our team of agents and the clients we work with. I harness the power of emotional appeals to create all marketing materials for the team, including market reports, social media advertising, email blasts, website and SEO optimization, and print materials, including signage, business cards, and more.

As a Content Creator and Social Media Manager, I’m experienced in creating a brand identity, reading and implementing feedback from platform analytics, and effectively engaging with an audience of over 35,000 followers across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Building my platform over the last 3 years has also made me comfortable managing multiple projects at once, coordinating partnerships, and meeting tight deadlines.


As a Brand Manager for Amy Angell Marketing, I worked with clients to create exciting rebrands, compelling pitch decks, and engaging promotional campaigns. For one client, I completely redesigned product labels during the summer of 2022, resulting in back-to-back months of record sales for the company after the campaign’s implementation. 


I'm looking forward to taking the next steps in my professional career, and can't wait to see what the future brings!

My YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel

Making YouTube videos is one of my greatest passions! Experimenting with editing techniques, different types of music, and various themes inspires me to continue creating and pushes me to create the best content possible. I strive to make each video better than the last while simultaneously making it attractive, entertaining, and engaging for my audience!

My YouTube channel holds over 200 examples of my best video editing work. With each video I post, I get to show how my self-taught editing skills constantly improve, curated through two years of intense personal study. I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my footage and Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to create my thumbnails.

Charlotte Pratt

Charlotte Pratt

Charlotte Pratt
JUNE RESET VLOG 🏖️ refreshing for summer, cleaning, goal setting, book club | Charlotte Pratt
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MY 7 AM MORNING ROUTINE ☀️ productive start to the day, living alone at 22 | Charlotte Pratt
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WORK DAY IN MY LIFE 📸 content creation, sunrise photoshoot, shopping haul, yoga | Charlotte Pratt
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WORK WEEK IN MY LIFE 🌸 1st week at a new job, dc cherry blossoms, pilates, cooking | Charlotte Pratt
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my Resume

View a digital version of my resume, or download a PDF version for your records

my portfolio

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