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Portfolio: projects

From market reports to branding to social media campaigns, I have experience and proven success in a variety of marketing and strategic communications projects. Each section below contains samples of my professional and academic work in different areas of the communications and marketing field. 

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In my current role as the Marketing Manager for The Scoville Foley Team, as well as in my previous positions for Amy Angell Marketing and my own personal brand, I've worked with teams to build compelling brands and design marketing materials that fit the brand image and tone.

Market Reports

Knowing how to read the market is essential to crafting effective marketing materials. In this section, you'll find various market reports that I've put together for various industries, including Maine real estate for my position as the Marketing Manager for The Scoville Foley Team.

MAG 2023 Q3 updated.png
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Strategic Communications Plan

Effective messaging is key in both communications and marketing. As a student, I worked under the supervision of Rose Glenn, the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Michigan Medicine, to create this comprehensive strategic communications plan for a health system celebrating its 100-year anniversary.

Video Samples

Outside of the videos that I create for my own social media, I've created a variety of journalistic, news-inspired video stories for various academic projects.

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Radio show microphones
Audio Samples

Using Adobe Audition, I've created a variety of audio projects, including mock podcast episodes, current events interviews, and a radio morning show. 

Writing Samples

In Marketing and Communications, strong writing skills are essential. Here, I've collected multiple samples that showcase my writing abilities using various tones, including professional, educational & informative, and academic.

Charlotte Pratt Writing Sample -- Internal CEO Memo.png
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