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Market Reports

MAG 2023 Q3 updated.png
Scoville Foley Team "Market At A Glance" Quarter 3 2023 Direct Mailer

The "Market At A Glance" is a quarterly mailer sent out to over 11,000 residents of the town of Scarborough, Maine to keep them informed about the Maine real estate market, highlight the work of our team, and list recently sold listings. I designed the MAG for quarter 3 using Adobe InDesign.

Double click on any photo to see an enlarged version of each page.

Maine Real Estate Market Trend Analysis: Quarter 3 2023

This market report was created for one of our clients to keep them up to date on the status of the Maine real estate market for single-family homes and condos. The report was created using Canva and data collected from the Maine Real Estate Information System for September 1-30, 2023. Click on the photo to see the full report.

Maine Condo Research: Quarter 3 2023

I created this market report to identify competitors of a client constructing a new condominium building in Scarborough, Maine. I collected data from various sources, including competitor websites and the Maine Real Estate Information System. Click on the image to see the full report.

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