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Mock Podcast Episode: Cuba & Its Diaspora

This podcast episode focuses on the similarities and differences between Cuba and the United States, how the two cultures are intertwined, and how studying them in tandem can illuminate new information versus studying them separately. Created as a final project for an anthropology course about the history of Cuba.

LATINOAM 313: Cuba & Its Diaspora Podcast Episode
00:00 / 23:53
News Interview: Maine State Rep Sophie Warren on Bipartisanship

This interview was conducted as part of a multi-media story focused on the 2020 election in my hometown, Scarborough, Maine. I interviewed new Maine State Representative Sophie Warren and got her views on the role that bipartisanship plays in politics. I constructed the audio story using Adobe Audition.

Interview with Political Candidate Sophie Warren
00:00 / 02:19
Mock Radio Segment: Review and Analysis of Letters From the Hole in the Universe by F.O. Pratt

This mock radio show is focused around the book, Letters from the Hole in the Universe, that my grandfather wrote after the death of his best friend, Warren. The two had an incredibly spiritual connection, and both frequently wondered "what comes next?" Within this 10-minute segment, I conduct interviews with Pratt's wife and son, where they expand more on Pratt as a man, husband, and father, as well as an author. Listen below!

Book Review Radio Segment: Letters from the Hole in the Universe
00:00 / 10:55
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