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Strategic communications plan


Create a comprehensive plan to celebrate a Health System's 100th anniversary, including the following elements:

  • Qualitative, Quantitative, and Secondary research of the healthcare industry and target audiences

  • Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based (SMART) objectives for the campaign

  • 3-5 clear and concise key messages, identifying the messenger, timeframe, and message delivery

  • Detailed timeline of the campaign and all important dates using a time-action plan

  • 1-page internal memo from the Health System CEO to keep team members informed about the campaign

  • 2-page news release announcing the celebration to local and national media outlets

  • 1,000 word blog post about a topic in the healthcare industry to increase target audience awareness

  • 1-page social media plan describing goals, channels, types of content, and timeline

  • 1-page special event plan describing objectives, audience, venue, activities, and timeline

  • 1-page special event invitation describing event, venue, activities, and timeline

  • Clear outline of campaign objectives' evaluation criteria 

Slide Deck & Documents

Slide Deck

Internal CEO Memo

News Release

Blog Post

Social Media Plan

Special Event Plan

Special Event Invitation


Charlotte, your final project was outstanding! The professional design and presentation were compelling, and the content reflected all you learned in class.  Each element was well thought out and the tactics were excellent.  You received a 100% on the project and, of course, an A in class with 99.3%.  This may be the highest grade I’ve ever given! You are a stellar communicator!




Rose Glenn, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer for Michigan Medicine

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