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Diamond Fresh Product Labels

Product labels I designed for a company-wide rebrand of household odor eliminating spray brand while working as a brand manager for Amy Angell Marketing. Labels were created with Canva and Adobe Illustrator.


Create new product labels that include all of the following elements:

  • Eye catching yet visually pleasing design that captures the Diamond Fresh brand identity

  • Informative yet easy to read product title, logo, slogan, features & differentiators

  • Clear & concise description of the product and its uses

  • Easy-to-understand directions for use

  • Ingredient list and safety warning

Final Label Proofs
Household Line
Pet Line
Sport Line
Hunt Line

The campaign that AAM conducted — which included these redesigned labels — resulted in back to back months of record sales. The campaign doubled Diamond Fresh's monthly sales and is projected to reach 10x more monthly sales by the end of 2023.

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